Thursday, 16 April 2009

Life imitates Art?

In a bizarre story that sees the worst excesses of Hollywood hacks come true, a Qantas flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne was grounded earlier after four baby pythons escaped from their container in the aircraft's hold.
They were among 12 Stimson's pythons being transported, and at first it was thought that the other snakes had eaten them, but this was discounted after they were weighed on landing.
After transferring the passengers to another jet, the plane was fumigated, although the snakes' bodies are yet to be found.
"They're not endangered so a decision was made to fumigate...if these snakes turn up they will be very much dead motherfucking snakes," said Samuel L. Jackson of Qantas.
In other sad news, broadcaster, politician, chef, wit and raconteur Sir Clement Freud made his final slip today, as he passed away at his London home just nine days short of his 85th birthday. 'Just A Minute' will never be the same again.

Today's Haiku Film Review:

Snakes On A Plane (2006) -

Not since 'Airplane II'
Have so many laughs been had
Aboard an aircraft!

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