Thursday, 18 December 2008


Firstly, let me say sorry to my many subjects for my absence over the last week; this was due, in part, to an attack of the dreaded lurgy, coupled with terminal (geddit?) laziness.

To start with I have sad news: the passing of comedy legend Jack Douglas this morning at his Isle of Wight home. The 81-year-old actor was a stalwart of the 'Carry On' movies and regular TV stooge. Finally he is at rest.

Today also saw the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, start a controversial public fist-fight with Prime Minister Gordon Aloysius Brown. 'Rowing Rowan' began by calling the PM a 'drug addict', to which Gordon responded by slyly suggesting the church was being hypocritical by "walking by on the other side". The Archbish then offered him outside, and this was followed by a punch-up in which he used his crook to give the former chancellor a red box. Both men are now recovering in hospital and the police say they will be bringing charges as soon as they can be held accountable for their own actions.

Today's Haiku Film Review:

Serpico (1973) -

Undercover Al,
Exposing corrupt coppers,
Ends up brass-rubbing.

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