Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Another right royal race row...

The knives are out for HRH Charles, Ponce of Wales, for using the nickname 'Sooty' in reference to Asian 'friend' Kolin Dhillon, from the Cirencester Polo Club. Mr Dhillon has yet to make a public statement, but did whisper in the ear of confidant Harry Corbett that he was not offended and would not Sue, but wanted to make a clean Sweep of things. It appears, however, that the soubriquet has nothing to do with the gentleman's race, but is simply a reference to the fact that the entire team stick their hands up his arse in the showers after each game.
The scandal comes hot on the heels of the outrage caused by Prince Harry, publicly condemned for calling a former Army colleague 'Paki'. The young prince is, of course, no stranger to controversy, having attended a fancy-dress party as a Nazi in 2005. It must run in the family (assuming that Charles is actually his father); not that the Duke of Edinburgh has ever made any racially insensitive comments or, indeed, ordered any assassinations.

Today's Haiku Film Review:

Prince Of The City (1981) -

As in Serpico,
Police corruption is rife.
A treat for Treat fans.

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