Friday, 17 October 2008

Look who's stalking...

Barry George, the man acquitted of the murder of Jill Dando in a retrial in August, has been accused of stalking the Sky News presenter Kay Burley. They first met when she interviewed him following his appeal, but subsequently he has turned up unexpectedly at her workplace and the alleged harassment has reached the extent that she has had to take time off work.
The epileptic loner is prone to flights of fantasy, having previously claimed to have been in the SAS, Freddy Mercury's cousin, the Six Million Dollar Man and even Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter), the latter being a huge miscalculation given recent events.
Scotland Yard are looking into the matter, but given his previous record it looks unlikely that his new found freedom will last much longer, meaning that his upcoming participation in the new series of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!' is in serious doubt.

Today's Haiku Film Review:

Stalker (1979) -

Russian sci-fi tale
Makes pretty heavy going.
Much less fun than 'Lost'.

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