Friday, 3 October 2008

Now with added Megapolypeptide Factor X...

Greetings Subjects and welcome to the re-incarnation of The World of Gruntfuttock. If you wish to catch up with the story so far, visit but be quick because it won't be there for long. Here's a brief recap:

Previously on 'World of Gruntfuttock'

15 August 2008

My attention has been drawn to three spectacular new publications, entitled 'Haiku Film Reviews', 'Haiku Horror Film Reviews' and 'Haiku Sci-Fi Film Reviews', all penned by Guy Samson. Available for the meagre sum of £5 each or £12 for all three, plus postage and packing, by e-mailing These works of an obvious genius briefly and accurately sum up all your fave films. Here's a sample:

Das Boot (1981) -

German perspective

Puts boot on the other foot.

Best with sub-titles.
19 September 2008

On the Haiku front, I've got good news - my three published works, 'Haiku Film Reviews', 'Haiku Horror Film Reviews' and 'Haiku Sci-Fi Film Reviews', are now all available at selected retail outlets including The Cinema Store, Gosh! Comics, Orbital Comics and the BFI Shop (all in the London area only, I'm afraid). Happy Shopping!

26 September 2008

I am pleased to announce that Mark Kermode saw fit to plug my book 'Haiku Sci-Fi Film Reviews' on BBC Radio Five Live today:

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  1. You are quite a difficult man to find on the internets, so thanks for commenting over on my ramblings and letting me know that you are a real person with a blog and everything.

    Top work with the haiku books - Gosh have them on the counter as one of their "buy these shiny things, you have enough comics" items, and I suspect I am not the only one to be suckered in.